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10 Best Budget Electric Shavers in 2021

The best electric shavers are essential tools in any personal care kit. Its use saves much more time by removing unwanted hair from any area of ​​the body. We make a selection of some of the best budget electric shavers on the market, evaluating its performance, build quality and price.

They save time, have a nice clean shave, and access a device for a reasonable price, are some of the many advantages to take into account the characteristics we highlight some of these machines shaving power that surely will become your essential tool when it comes to taking care of your personal image.

Best Budget Electric Shavers to choose?

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1. Philips 9000 Series Prestige SP9863 / 14

The Philips 9000 Series Prestige SP9863 / 14 electric shaver is one of the most innovative models of the prestigious Philips brand, being an absolute reference of what an electric razor for men should be . It has a SmartClick accessory system , which makes it a highly technological device, ready to shave close to your skin and allows you to turn your razor into a whole portable barber shop.

Its silver and black finish with stainless steel details makes it look clean, elegant and avant-garde, providing you with a high-end blade system , which will make you obtain the best finish you can imagine.

The Philips 9000 Series Prestige SP9863 / 14 is rated by connoisseurs as the world’s most accurate electric shaver, which can leave a smooth finish on the skin even on 7-day beards. It has a ContourDetect technology , which makes the shave completely to the root adapting 15 times per second, removing more amount of hair in each pass.

3 individual cutting elements have been incorporated , which specialize in capturing hairs that grow in different directions. By having a flexible shave, it quickly attaches to each contour of your face, leaving it completely soft to the touch.

You can use the Philips 9000 Series Prestige SP9863 / 14 shaver under water, as it is absolutely resistant to contact with liquid, while its LED-type numerical display can indicate the level and status of the battery.

“Although I have never tried an electric shaver, my first time with the Philips has been a great experience, as it does not leave my face red and generates a clean shave every time. It did not take many strokes.”


The high-quality cover protects the shaver as well as the accessories and the Qi wireless charging panel. So you can charge and lubricate while keeping your razor dry. It only weighs 844g and has a lithium ion battery, which is included in the package.

2. Braun Series 7 799 cc

Just by looking at the Braun Series 7 799cc Electric Shaver, you can quickly realize that it is a powerful, useful and multi-functional device, providing you with a clean and almost instant shave. It is the type of electric foil shaver , especially for the male face, since its blades easily adapt to the contours of the face.

It is robust and resistant, since it has been made of aluminum . The package incorporates a protective case, power cord and a high-tech cleaning station , as well as a brush.

Every man is looking for a close shave in the shortest possible time, so the Braun Series 7 799 cc is the right option at a reasonable price if you take into account all the features that this incredible electric clipper incorporates .

Its panel offers information about battery levels, and you can also monitor the hygiene levels of this device. Braun incorporated LED technology to make it look futuristic and powerful, allowing you to use this incredible electric shaver underwater or to dry shave with the same quality.

Due to its high-end materials , it is a shaver that can be a bit heavy in the hand, since it reaches up to 998 g. The length of this electric razor is quite discreet, so you can easily handle it in your hand, since its anti-slip technology generates absolute ergonomics.

It incorporates a lithium battery, which offers a duration of continuous use of up to 50 minutes . It requires 1 hour of charging and supports a voltage of between 100 to 240 V.

“Although I was not betting on foil machines, the Braun Series 7 has given me a good experience. It is easy to clean and its foil system is state of the art. It is practical, very hygienic and gave me the perfect shave I wanted.


If you are looking for a powerful electric shaver with a masculine and innovative look, this machine allows you to access the best shave through its three speeds, normal, intensive and extra sensitive. Get the most out of the 3 blades of this electric shaver and enjoy the best technology patented by Braun.

3. Philips 9000 S9511 / 31

If you are looking for perfection in your shaving, one of the most successful options you can access is the Philips 9000 S9511 / 31 , an electric shaver that allows you to access a wet and dry shave, which has a modern design and attractive that combines the colors silver, brown and black.

It has a charging unit, which guarantees the operation for long periods of this magnificent shaver. Its storage case will keep the Philips 9000 S9511 / 31 protected while it is not in use, while its additional comb head will help you on those occasions when you just want to trim your beard hair.

It is one of the most iconic Philips models , which can cut 20% more effectively than other popular models of the brand. The good news is that it doesn’t take more than a single pass to make a clean, flush cut, so no more skin irritation problems.

By having moist and lubricated skin, the Philips 9000 S9511 / 31 can work much more effectively, optimal for sensitive skin that is easily irritated. It includes a smart cleaning system , which will allow you to maintain your electric razor with a single button.

This procedure lubricates the blades , loads the shaver, and dries the foils . It features an included cleaning cartridge, while your beard styler will leave a professional finish on the contours.

The Philips 9000 S9511 / 31 is an ideal electric shaver for those looking for a perfect finish, as its multi-directional shaving lifts and cuts hair for easy shaves in a very short time.

“Philips has impressed me with the performance of this electric shaver. It can shave my beard in no time, and the battery exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend buying this shaver as it is very quiet, cleans very easily and it fits easily in the hand during use. “


It only requires 1 hour of charging to be ready to be used again, which will turn this device into one of your favorite implements when it comes to maintaining your face. You can select between the 3 modes offered by this powerful electric shaver developed by Phillips , selecting between sensitive, normal and fast, which will save you a great amount of time in this procedure.

How Best Budget Electric Shavers Work?

Knowing how the best electric shaver works and what its main characteristics are, can make your selection much more appropriate. Each of the devices on the market are designed to fulfill a particular function. Knowing the type of electric shaver or electric hair clipper that suits your needs will make you make the best investment while enjoying the advantages that this device provides.

Foil or rotary shavers?

The universe of electric shavers is divided into two fundamental types, the rotating blade system and the foil system . Each of them generates a different cut, but with similar finishes.

The systems rotating blades usually contain two or three heads, which are shaped by external disks, which are perforated. Through these holes, the hairs can pass easily and the blades will take care of cutting them individually .

The turning revolution of this type of blades can vary in each model, so its power will be decisive for an immediate cut after a single pass . If the motor is of low power, you will have to run the razor several times over your face until all the unwanted hair is removed.

Blade systems have been popularized by the Braun brand, which uses a group of aligned blades that vibrate laterally . Once the hair is captured by this movement, it is cut instantly, avoiding pulling and injury.

Generally, this sheet system is protected by a metal plate , made of stainless steel , which protects the skin from the wounds caused by the blades. Currently, these shavers can have up to five heads .

Advantages and disadvantages: is it good to use them under water?

The advantages of using an electric razor are very extensive, so we could highlight the reduction in the time you spend while shaving. Maintaining your beard will be much easier using an electric razor , since you can select the cutting length and always keep a nice appearance and an attractive beard.

Not all electric razors can be used under water, so it is recommended that you check the characteristics of the model you have accessed, so you will avoid causing damage to the device.

Electric shavers usually have considerable power , so you will have to perform much more frequent maintenance to keep the edge of the blades at optimal levels.

Autonomy, better with fast charging

Some models may take longer than others to fully charge your battery. This is why choosing a model whose charging process is much shorter will allow you to reuse your electric razor very soon.

The autonomy time is decisive, since you do not want to stay half-shaved due to lack of battery , so looking for electric shavers that offer a range of at least 60 minutes is the ideal option to combine work in a absolute.

Final Thoughts:

When it comes to purchasing a best budget electric shavers, many factors come into play. We recommend you keep in mind the various features we’ve mentioned like the motor power, multiple cutting elements, battery life, among others. Ensure you purchase a quality model that includes all the features that you need.

It’s also easy to clean, has a super long battery life, and doesn’t take forever to get charged in the first place. Everyone’s tastes are different, so you’ll have to decide for yourself, but in my opinion, the best budget electric shavers is a great choice. and if you have any question or have a recommended electric shavers, then please mentioned in below comment option. thanks

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